I have a small 10’x10′ canvas and wood “gazebo” (for lack of a better word). We (The Fam) call it the Outdoor Living Room. We bought it new from Target about four years ago. It was great. We found a free couch and television on Craig’s List. We hooked up the cable and spent the summer out there. Fall fell. The TV went inside and the couch took on a life of its own… Ewww.

The Outdoor Living Room blew over two different times. We moved. Twice. I finally set it up in our new backyard. Just in time for summer.

We didn’t have anything to put inside. I wanted to avoid a repeat of the festering Craig’s List couch and the aforementioned tv we got threw my back out in both moves. It weighs more than I do. So I was a little stuck as to what I was going to do with the thing.

I’m more of a builder than a buyer and I can be a pretty cheap bastard when I have my mind set on it. I wasn’t too keen on buying outdoor furniture to fill it, you can make all that crap with some basic tools, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about designing the stuff.

I was working on some restaurant designs for a friend (Oh yeah I’m an Interior Designer by night, school taught and everything, I’m a drafter by day, I need to actually pay the bills… economy… blah blah blah…) My girlfriend gets after me for leaving out my things and I was thinking I needed a place to set up shop.

I know it seems too obvious but sometimes its more difficult to figure out your own stuff than other peoples’. Anyway eureka moment… outdoor art/design studio. The only problem… Still wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about converting it.

I was perusing the last issue (June/July, 2010 Issue #47)of Ready-Made magazine… Pretty much what you would expect out of the little bi-monthly DIY rag. Crafty Stuff, How-To’s, Music reviews, and all the usual suspects. I came across a little article/feature situation called the Ohanapod. Basically a small 144 square foot guest house off the big house. I liked the steel louvers, along with the nice colored acrylic panels that gave a great glow to the room, and the neat modern feel of the entire structure. And then I came across the main inspiration.

The pallet table… That’s right the Pallet table. But I don’t want to build a pallet table. I want to use pallets to build the entire studio… The floor, the walls, I’m just using the four columns as support and the canvas as the ceiling…

This Blog will chronicle the journey… I guess I need to go find some pallets…


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